Cost Saving Strategies in Divorce Cases

Fees and Costs May Include (but are not exclusively limited to)

  • Drafting Pleadings and other Court Documents
  • Filing an appearance on behalf of one party
  • Correspondence
  • Telephone calls
  • Discovery & Depositions
  • Court Appearances
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Retaining Experts (financial and/or custody related)

Reducing Costs

  • Identify the issues most important to you and make concessions on less important issues.
  • Participate in your divorce.  However, remember the clock is running, so keep your visits and calls to a minimum.
  • Try not to use your attorney as your therapist. For help with emotional issues, request the name of a therapist/counselor or join a support group.
  • When necessary, get financial assistance from an accountant or other financial expert.
  • Make notes when you meet with your attorney so that you can refer to them.

A judge may order each party to be solely liable for all of his/her own attorneys fees, may grant an interim award of attorneys fees, or may order one party to be solely liable for both parties’ attorney’s fees or to contribute towards the other party’s attorney’s fees.