Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional adversarial methods of divorce, dissolution of civil union, and child custody matters.  With the help of the professional attorney-mediators of Kenny, Kain and Jablonsky, you and your partner have the opportunity to settle your disputes in a civil, rational and collaborative manner.  The mediation process allows you to work together to make your own decisions concerning your marriage, property, income, support and financial obligations.  Perhaps most importantly, the mediation process allows you and your partner to make decisions about the best interests and welfare of your children, including custody, parenting time, support and education.  Couples who resolve their disputes in mediation often do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, and reach resolution in a fraction of the time.  Further, couples who settle their differences by way of mediation often feel far more satisfied with the final resolution, because the process recognizes the dignity and the needs of each of the parties and empowers them to take control of their own solutions.  The parties themselves craft their agreement, with the assistance of the professional mediator, taking into consideration the needs and interests of each party.  Rather than placing their future lives and the lives of their children into the hands of a judge who knows little about their history and circumstances throughout the marriage, the parties are allowed to make arrangements that best meet their own individual needs and the needs of their children.

The mediation process is completely confidential.  You and your spouse will have the opportunity to work together toward resolution openly and honestly, keeping the details of your dispute out of the public record.  It provides you both with the best opportunity to achieve closure with the end of your marriage by minimizing the emotional toll that the adversarial divorce process often takes on both parties.  Finally, couples with children understand that the end of their marriage is not the end of their relationship.  The mediation process provides a blueprint for couples to follow into the future, empowering them to make decisions for their children’s best interests in a cooperative, collaborative manner.

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