Visitation with a child is a right and responsibility of both parents for the benefit and greater development of the child.

Types of standard visitation

  • Weekly:   Usually every other weekend and one evening (not overnight) per week.
  • Holidays:   A parenting agreement will set forth a holiday schedule alternating holiday’s between the parents.  For example, mom will have visitation with the child on Labor Day in odd years, and dad in even years.
  • Vacation:  Including, when applicable, Summer Break, Spring Break, Winter Break.
  • Special:   Special periods for visitation.  For example, Mother’s and Father’s       Day, birthday’s (parent and child), and the like.


  • The “best interest of the child” factors
  • The child’s age
  • The child’s social life
  • The child’s school schedule
  • The child’s extra curricular activities;
  • Possible schedule conflicts;
  • Vacation time and Holidays;
  • Children needs/set routines; and/or
  • Medical/dental appointments.